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Why Paris is Great for Kids and Adults

traditional Parisian café

Paris is great for kids and adults alike. As an adult, there is always something to whet the sophisticated side of your appetite. But even among the wine, food, and art of the City of Lights, there are child-friendly areas and even catacombs for inquisitive young minds and history buffs. Check out these reasons why Paris is great for kids and adults and you’ll anxious to book a trip to Paris. 

Why Paris is Great for Kids and Adults

A Sophisticated Getaway

Sacré-Cœur Basilica


France is known for the exquisite food and wine of its many regions. Paris, as part of Île-de-France, is no different. For wine lovers, Paris is a perfect place to visit with the kids and indulge your finer side, too. There are custom wine tours in France that are available to areas such as Champagne. Champagne would make a wonderful distraction since it is only 99 km from Île-de-France itself. Perhaps a romantic treat at the end of a trip with the children.

The Center of Paris is Great for Kids and Babies 



Paris is one of the world’s most visited cities, with around 44 million tourists per year. With all the exuberant sophistication, it can be easy to overthink Paris as a cultural, adult-only place to visit. However, the center of Paris is surprisingly child-friendly, and the beautiful boulevards around attractions such as the Le Tour Eiffel are home to many places to stop by and rest with the children. Cafés, bistros, and shaded terraces offer indulgent respite among the splendor.

Jardin du Luxembourg Children’s Park



There are, of course, some great attractions for families with children dotted around Paris. One of the most popular is Jardin de Luxembourg. Littered with glorious chestnut trees, nestled, there lies a stunning lake with boats for families to tour the park. Owing to the traditions of the city, you will also find anachronistic yet stunningly detailed old-world rides such as the carousel. Other popular activities for the kids include pony rides and a traditional Marionette show.

Umm, Did You Forget About Disneyland?

Disneyland Paris


When it comes to children’s fantasies, should we mention the big-eared elephant in the room? Of course, Paris is home to Disneyland, which needs no introduction, but some things to do are:

  • Let the kids get up close and personal with their favorite characters.
  • Bask in the glory of the stunning Sleeping Beauty Castle at the heart of the park.
  • See the characters in action with the daily Disney Stars on Parade show.
  • Step into another world of superheroes with the Marvel Avengers Campus.
  • Dine like everyone’s favorite furry culinary wizard and chef at Chez Remy.

Disneyland for toddlers is a dream come true for many families. You have not only the classic shows and rides Disney is famous for but also Avengers and Star Wars-themed attractions.

It’s Like a Real Life Storybook


Via shutterstock_637985872

Disneyland aside, Paris is a living storybook itself. The beautiful architecture of the city indeed inspired the tone and style of Walt Disney himself when coming up with settings for classics such as Snow White. And Beauty and the Beast is, of course, a French classic. Medieval and fantasy attractions are dotted around the city, from the faux village at Versailles to the knights at Les Invalides. Forget Game of Thrones. Paris is living, breathing history and fantasy.

The Catacombs are Why Paris is Great for Kids

If you and your kids like little adventure and have a fondness for history, the catacombs of Paris offer something truly unique that you don’t find in most cities. Of course, there are catacombs in other cities, but Paris has one of the most extensive networks, delving 20 meters below ground for around 200 miles. Catacombs are a real piece of history that you can get up close and personal with. And there’s nothing like the feeling of six million displaced souls around you!

A Great Introduction to Art

TheLouvre101__HERO_iStock-1137775285Forget food, forget wine. If Paris is known for one thing, it’s the art. Galleries like Le Louvre house some of the world’s finest pieces and collections. Of course, children are welcome, yet most kids don’t like being dragged around a museum where they have to be quiet. Fortunately, there are other art attractions more suited for kids that offer a great introduction. Atelier des Lumières offers kids the chance to see stunning artworks presented as projections in the street.


Food and wine are richly presented for adults in the City of Lights. Yet Paris is great for kids as well, with more to offer than you think. Of course, it is home to Disneyland, with tons of things to see and do. Yet attractions like Atelier des Lumières are a great way to introduce kids to art.

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