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Exploring Stanley Marketplace: A Family Adventure

Stanley Marketplace Aurora, Colorado

As a parent, finding engaging and family-friendly activities can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt. So when the opportunity arose to explore Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Colorado with Max, I jumped at the chance. From delicious dining options to unique shopping experiences and play areas, Stanley Marketplace promised a day full of excitement for both Max and me.

Stanley Beer Hall

Stanley Beer Hall Aurora ColoradoOur adventure began at Stanley Beer Hall, where we indulged in a hearty lunch. While Max nibbled on his favorite grilled cheese and fries, I savored a delicious burger paired with a local craft beer. The laid-back atmosphere and kid-friendly menu made it the perfect spot to fuel up before our exploration.

MindCraft Makerspace

MindCraft MakerspaceMax’s eyes lit up with curiosity as we entered MindCraft Makerspace. From DIY craft kits to hands-on workshops, there was no shortage of activities to inspire young minds.

With its emphasis on creative expression, this makerspace provides a unique opportunity for young children to engage their curiosity and imagination. The carefully curated selection of toys, games, and interactive exhibits caters specifically to the developmental needs of toddlers, fostering their cognitive, motor, and social skills in a fun and supportive setting.

From colorful sensory experiences to educational play stations, MindCraft Makerspace offers endless opportunities for toddlers to learn and grow while having a blast.

Tattered Cover Kids

Aurora with your toddlersWith our creative juices flowing, we made our way to Tattered Cover Kids. Max’s love for books was evident as he eagerly browsed through the colorful shelves, his tiny fingers tracing the pages of his favorite stories. We picked out a few new additions for our home library before heading to the cozy reading nook, where Max snuggled up as I read aloud to him.

With its cozy reading nooks, colorful displays, and an extensive collection of captivating children’s books, Tattered Cover Kids provides an immersive environment that fosters early literacy and curiosity. The welcoming atmosphere encourages little ones to roam freely, selecting their favorite stories and letting their imaginations soar.

LuBird’s Light Playground

LuBird's Light Playground Aurora ColoradoBut the Stanley Marketplace excitement didn’t end there. It was time to burn off some energy at LuBird’s Light Playground. Max beamed with delight as he climbed, slid, and explored every corner of this play space. From climbing walls to sensory play areas, LuBird’s offered endless opportunities for active fun.

The playground beckons with its whimsical design and interactive features tailored specifically to engage young minds. Here, toddlers can immerse themselves in a world of wonder, discovering sensory-rich experiences that ignite their curiosity and creativity. From colorful light installations that dance with their every movement to tactile elements that invite hands-on exploration, LuBird’s Light Playground stimulates the senses and fosters developmental growth in a safe and inclusive environment. With its thoughtful design and emphasis on imaginative play, this enchanting space at Stanley Marketplace is indeed a haven where toddlers can embark on joyful adventures and make cherished memories.

Churreria de Madrid

Churreria de Madrid Aurora ColoradoAs the afternoon started to wind down, we couldn’t resist a sweet treat at Churreria de Madrid. Max’s eyes widened with anticipation as he watched the churros being freshly made. Then, we dipped them in rich, melted chocolate and savored every bite.

Exploring Stanley Marketplace with Max was a reminder of the joy that comes from experiencing new things together as a family. From delicious dining to creative exploration and playful adventures, Stanley Marketplace offered an afternoon of family fun. As we headed back to the hotel with smiles, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for moments like these spent with my precious son.

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