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5 Favorite Destinations in the World

Sun Siyam Olhuveli Maldives

In my life as a perpetual traveler, there’s a question that often follows me like a faithful shadow: “What’s your favorite destination?” It’s a query that stirs up memories of countless adventures, each one a thread woven into the intricate tapestry of my wanderlust. While it’s a challenge to pick just one, there are five places that hold a special place in my heart – each one a chapter in the story of my journey. These are my 5 favorite destinations in the world.

5 Favorite Destinations in the World

Cruising the Galapagos with Lindblad Expeditions

Animals of the GalapagosEmbarking on a voyage with Lindblad Expeditions through the Galapagos Islands is akin to entering a living laboratory of evolution. From the moment I stepped ashore, I found myself immersed in a world where creatures of all shapes and sizes coexist in harmony. Whether snorkeling alongside playful sea lions or marveling at the majestic flight of blue-footed boobies, every encounter felt like a scene from a nature documentary come to life. Lindblad’s expert guides added depth to the experience, sharing insights into the unique ecosystems and conservation efforts underway in this UNESCO World Heritage site.


Wadi-Rum, JordanIn the heart of the Middle East lies a land where ancient ruins and modern-day marvels coalesce in a symphony of contrasts. Jordan welcomed me with open arms, offering glimpses into its rich cultural tapestry and warm hospitality. Exploring the rose-red city of Petra felt like stepping into a time capsule, while traversing the vast expanse of the Wadi Rum desert evoked a sense of awe and wonder. Bedouin hospitality was abundant, with locals eager to share stories over cups of sweet tea and hearty meals cooked over open flames. In Jordan, I found myself enveloped in a sense of belonging, as if I were a guest in a friend’s home rather than a traveler passing through.

Maldives at Sun Siyam Resorts

Over water villas at Siyam World MaldivesThe Maldives, with its crystalline waters and powder-white beaches, is the epitome of paradise found. Nestled within this idyllic archipelago are the Sun Siyam Resorts, where luxury meets tranquility in perfect harmony. Days were spent lazing in hammocks suspended above the ocean, snorkeling amidst vibrant coral gardens, and indulging in sumptuous seafood feasts under the stars. Yet, the highlight of my stay was undoubtedly swimming with sharks, a thrilling yet surprisingly serene experience that left me with a newfound appreciation for these misunderstood creatures. At Sun Siyam, I discovered that true luxury lies not in opulence, but in the simple joys of nature and connection.


Cliffs of Moher, IrelandIreland, where the rolling green hills are as welcoming as the laughter that fills the air. From the vibrant streets of Dublin to the rugged cliffs of the Wild Atlantic Way, every corner of this island nation is steeped in history and tradition. But it was the warmth and conviviality of the Irish people that captured my heart. Whether sharing a pint of Guinness in a cozy pub or tapping my feet to the lively strains of traditional music, I felt a sense of belonging that transcended borders and boundaries.


Gorilla Trekking in UgandaUganda – a land of emerald forests and mist-shrouded mountains, where the call of the wild echoes through the treetops. It was here, amidst the dense jungle of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, that I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime – gorilla trekking. As I hiked through the rugged terrain, guided by the soft grunts of my trackers, I felt a sense of anticipation building in my chest. And then, there they were – a family of mountain gorillas, going about their daily lives with a sense of tranquility that belied their immense strength. It was a moment of connection unlike any other, a reminder of our shared bond with the natural world.

Sea lions in the GalapagosIn my travels to these five beloved destinations, I’ve discovered that the true joy of exploration lies not in seeking out the perfect destination, but in embracing the journey itself – with all its twists and turns, challenges and triumphs. So the next time someone asks me about my favorite destination, I’ll simply smile and say, “Why choose just one when the world is filled with endless possibilities?” For in the end, it’s not about the places we visit, but the experiences we gather along the way that truly enrich our lives.


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