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10 of the Most Useful Travel Apps

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Whenever you’re traveling, having the right travel apps can help make your journey less stressful and smoother. From booking holiday homes to finding flight deals, these useful travel apps will cover your needs. That’s because these apps can be very effective tools when you need last-minute accommodations, flight deal alerts, or help with organizing your itinerary and need recommendations for things you can do at your desired destinations. Let’s see what these apps are and how we can use them effectively to get the best value out of them.

10 Most Useful Apps for Traveling

Google Flights and Google Travel Tools

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Even though Google has discontinued its Google Trips app this company still has its users covered with two essential travel tools, Google Travel, and Google Flights. Let’s first discuss Google Flights. This user-friendly site allows travelers to compare and research flight options which can come in handy when they’re looking for the most convenient routes or when they’re looking for the best deals. Google Flights also provides travelers with real-time information which will help them make informed decisions about the flights they’re considering.

Now, let’s get to the Google Travel tool. On this website, travelers can research information on their destinations, hotel reviews, and the local activities that are available there from hidden gem locations to the must-see landmarks.


Other apps that can significantly improve your travel experience are Virtual Private Network apps (VPNs). Here’s why these apps are beneficial for travelers.


VPNs can safeguard travelers’ data from cyber threats or potential hackers by encrypting internet connections. According to Techopedia author and tech expert Nick Saraev, mobile VPNs should offer quick connections, data encryption, and a wide range of servers to connect to. However, Saraev also notes that there are countless options to choose from and it can be overwhelming, so users may want to review one of the many mobile VPN comparisons available to determine the pros and cons of each app. 


By using VPNs, travelers can access geo-restricted content, such as websites or streaming services that they can enjoy at home but are blocked in certain countries.

Public Wi-Fi Safety

When travelers use public Wi-Fi networks like those at cafes or airports, VPNs can protect their sensitive data by encrypting it.


VPNs also ensure that your online activities remain private when you’re traveling, even when you use unsecured networks.

Aggregator Apps

Aggregator apps like Hotwire, Orbitz, Expedia, and Kayak can be valuable tools when planning your next vacation. That’s because they allow you to compare options and prices across various travel providers. However, you may need to exercise caution because even though they simplify the search process, it’s often better to make direct bookings with hotels, airlines, and other service providers. Why? Direct bookings usually come with more flexibility and better customer support since you aren’t dealing with the middlemen.

Language Translation Apps

Translate Languages with LangogoLanguage barriers can make things a bit challenging when you’re traveling to a foreign country. Luckily, there are great language translation apps that can help travelers communicate effectively. Let’s see the benefits of two of the most popular apps in this category below.

Google Translate

Google Translate can provide travelers with instant translations for over 100 languages. This makes it great for translating signs, and menus, and for having conversations with locals. The app even has a camera feature that’ll allow you to scan text and get real-time translations.


Even though Duolingo is mainly known as a language learning app, it also offers a helpful translation feature. The app is user-friendly and can help travelers learn basic phrases for everyday situations.

Accommodation Booking Apps

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Having good accommodation booking apps can significantly improve your experience when you’re planning your next holiday. Here are three of the most useful apps to consider.


This booking platform has a wide range of accommodations all over the world that travelers can book, from vacation rentals to hotels, and hostels. With Booking.com, travelers can compare prices to find the best deals from the accommodation types they prefer, and they can also read reviews from people who’ve stayed at those places.


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If you want unique and personalized accommodation, Airbnb should be your go-to app. That’s because It connects travelers with local hosts who offer their apartments, homes, and even treehouses to guests who want to immerse themselves in their local cultures.


For travelers on a budget, Hostelworld is the app they should get. That’s because this app specializes in hostel bookings that make it easy to find affordable private rooms or dormitory beds.

Navigation Apps

Having reliable navigation apps can be essential when you have to get around in unfamiliar places. Two options stand out in this category, Google Maps, and Maps.me. Here’s what they offer to travelers.

Google Maps

Google Maps

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With Google Maps travelers can get turn-by-turn directions based on how they’ll go about their journey as walking directions can differ from those they will get when driving. The app even lets fellow companions make recommendations about the journey’s itinerary.


Maps.me is perfect for travelers who want to go off the beaten path and find themselves in places without internet connections because it doesn’t need wifi or a mobile data plan to work. With it you discover local attractions, find directions, and locate nearby services—all without requiring an internet connection.

Currency Conversion Apps

Currency Conversion

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Having a reliable currency conversion app is important for international travelers. Two of the most popular options in this category are Currency Converter Plus and XE Currency. What’s made these apps popular is their real-time exchange rates, which allow travelers to quickly convert prices from a foreign currency to theirs. This can help you manage your expenses better as you don’t have to deal with the challenges of doing mistake-prone mental math and inaccurate price expectations.

Transport Apps

Having the right transport apps on your phone can make a big difference when you’re traveling. Here are some essential apps you can consider.

Uber and Lyft

Travelers can use the Uber and Lyft ride-sharing apps in many cities worldwide. With them, you can make seamless payments, track driver locations, and book rides conveniently.

Local Ride-Sharing Apps

In addition to Uber and Lyft, travelers need to check for local ride-sharing services specific to their destinations. Local apps usually have better rates or unique features that aren’t available on Uber or Lyft.

Public Transport Apps


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Many cities have apps that can provide travelers with route maps, real-time schedules, and ticket-purchasing options for trains, buses, and subways.

Safety and Health Apps

Prioritizing safety and health is important when traveling. Fortunately, there are apps designed to help travelers stay well-prepared and informed. Here are two trustworthy options.


TravelSafe tailors the health information and advisories it offers to the specific destination you’ll be visiting. It will keep you updated on local safety guidelines, and potential risks, and offer you emergency contacts.


This app was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and it also provides health recommendations based on your travel itinerary. It can provide you with information like health alerts, preventive measures to consider, and vaccinations you might need. By following the CDC guidelines the app provides, you can safeguard your well-being on your vacation.


Now that we know what apps we’ll need next time we go on vacation for last-minute hotel bookings or flight deals, keep in mind that doing your research is still vital. These apps can be useful tools for that research especially when it comes to comparing prices. Overall, when you use these apps, your travel experience will be a lot less stressful, safer, and smoother.

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