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3 Best Birthday Experiences to Gift Yourself


Experience gifting refers to a life experience or adventure gift. It can be anything ranging from a simple cuisine to a flight to a new destination for you. Whatever you choose, ensure it is something or an activity you love and teaches you something. If you’re wondering how to choose the perfect New York City birthday experience, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 3 best birthday experiences to gift yourself.

3 Best Birthday Experiences to Gift Yourself

Take on a Cooking Class

Maldivian Cooking ClassIf you have always wanted to know how to cook a particular cuisine or meal, this might be a chance for you to master it. The best thing is that there are classes that offer variety depending on what you want. For instance, if you want to learn the classic New York cuisines or international flavors, you get the experience at Giftory. The platform brings together a wide range of cooking classes such as Italian Cooking, Sushi Making, Asian Cooking, and Pasta Making among others. They all aim to suit your tastes and skill levels.

Book a Dining Cruise

Dining Cruise NYC

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Most of the cruise lines offer casual dining experiences as people enjoy incredible views. It is usually set to a buffet and incorporates a range of options for different people. However, you can also order from the menu directly with table service. While in New York, you can consider accessing these cruises from Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and Cape Liberty Cruise Ports. All these are located within the ports of New York and New Jersey. You can book your experience on Giftory in good time without hassle.


Helicopter over NYC

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Flying over New York gives you memories that last you a lifetime. For most people, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a flight. It is even better in a chartered helicopter or a vintage aircraft as you get to have intimate moments with your loved ones or friends. If you have always wanted one of the best NYC birthday experiences, you can get this helicopter ride on Giftory.


Experience Gifts New York City

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As you can see, experience gifting majorly focuses on the memories and the experience. It gives you long, long-lasting experiences that are unique to you. For instance, if you took a helicopter flight over New York City, which experience lives with you as compared to a material gift that can easily break or get damaged. Head on to Giftory today and book your birthday experience gift.

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