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Exploring Cuba As a Family with Discover Corps

Exploring Cuba As a Family

Traveling with a young child can be daunting, but our recent trip to Cuba with Discover Corps was a delightful blend of adventure, culture, and learning that both my four-year-old son, Max, and I will cherish forever. We embarked on the Cuba – Family Island Exploration trip, and it was a perfect balance of structured activities and outdoor fun, carefully crafted with families in mind. From local dance lessons to cruising in a classic car, check out what made exploring Cuba as a family with Discover Corps one of the best trips of our lives.

Exploring Cuba As a Family with Discover Corps

Discover Corps: A Unique Travel Experience

Pottery Making in CubaDiscover Corps isn’t just a travel company; they offer journeys that foster genuine connections with local communities, support sustainable tourism, and create lifelong memories. Their itineraries are designed to provide an in-depth exploration of the destinations while considering the needs of families, ensuring a pace that keeps kids engaged and happy.

Many Americans wonder can Americans travel to Cuba and the answer is yes! Discover Corps makes it easy for travelers of all ages. They offer legal, Support for the Cuban People itineraries across Cuba that introduce you to the authentic side of Cuba through its people.

Discover Corps’ Cuba – Family Island Exploration trip offers a unique and immersive experience for families looking to explore the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Cuba. This adventure combines educational activities, cultural exchanges, and outdoor fun, allowing participants to engage with local communities, learn about Cuban history, and enjoy the island’s stunning landscapes. Highlights of the trip include visiting Havana’s historic sites, exploring lush countryside areas, and participating in interactive workshops such as traditional music and dance lessons. This trip is designed to be both enriching and entertaining, making it an ideal choice for families seeking a meaningful and memorable travel experience.

Our Cuban Adventure

Classic Car in CubaFrom the moment we landed in Havana, we were welcomed with warm hospitality. We traveled with a small group that included another family with two adults and two children, which made for an intimate and friendly experience. Our private guide was with us at all times, ensuring we felt safe and well cared for. We also had a local driver who transported us comfortably from place to place, adding to the sense of security and convenience.

I was traveling alone with Max, but I never felt like it. We became like a family who all supported each other and helped each other. The driver often lifted Max out of the vehicle and held him like he would hold his own child. Max hugged him each night before he left and greeted him each morning with a welcomed smile.

Here are some of the highlights from our Cuban adventure:

  1. Local Dance Lessons: Max and I had a blast watching local students at their Cuban dance lessons. The instructor made the experience fun for both kids and adults by not only teaching his students, but incorporating us in the lessons. Max danced on stage and followed along with complete joy. I even challenged the kids to a dance off that turned into one of the most engaging, unique experiences of my travels.
  2. Classic Car Ride through Havana: Cruising through the vibrant streets of Havana in a classic car was like stepping back in time. Max was fascinated by the colorful cars and lively atmosphere. He loved that the car had no roof and the gentle Caribbean breeze blew his hair as we rode through the city and surrounding countryside. I loved that our car was this insane, hot pink color that made me feel like I was in the Barbie movie.
  3. Tour of Old Havana with a Local Guide: Our knowledgeable guide led us through the historic streets of Old Havana, sharing fascinating stories and insights. The architecture and history captivated us both, and Max loved exploring the narrow, winding streets. Additionally, the guide was extremely kind and friendly to Max. They made up a handshake and played little games throughout the tour. His friendly demeanor with max was a highlight of the trop for me. It  is the spirit of the Cuba people that make Cuba one of the most amazing countries in the world.
  4. Fusterlandia Art Installation: This whimsical art installation was a hit with Max. The vibrant mosaics and playful sculptures sparked his imagination, and we both enjoyed the creative energy of the place.
  5. Vinales Valley Exploration: The lush landscapes of Vinales Valley were a stunning backdrop for our exploration. We learned about tobacco farming and even visited a local farm, where Max got to enjoy the outdoors and throw some rocks into a puddle, which is pretty much his favorite activity right now. Then, we explored a cave by boat and Max felt like a little explorer during the journey.
  6. Dinner with a Local Family: Sharing a meal with a local family was a heartwarming experience. The food was delicious, and the conversations gave us a deeper understanding of Cuban life and culture. Max shared his toys and games with the two children and language wasn’t a barrier for play. Children’s play is a universal language.
  7. Ceramics with a Local Artist: Creating ceramics with a local artist was a wonderful hands-on activity. Max loved getting his hands dirty with clay, and we both created our own little masterpieces to take home.

A Family-Friendly Journey

Cuban Flag in CubaOne of the best aspects of traveling with Discover Corps was how well they catered to families. The pace of the trip was perfect for young children, with plenty of breaks and activities designed to keep kids engaged. Our guide was not only knowledgeable but also incredibly considerate, always making sure Max was comfortable and entertained.

Travel is one of the best forms of education, and this trip offers countless learning opportunities for children and adults alike. Whether it’s learning about the history of the Cuban Revolution, understanding the intricacies of Cuba’s healthcare and education systems, or exploring the biodiversity of the island’s ecosystems, every day is filled with educational experiences. Parents can feel confident that their children are gaining valuable knowledge and perspectives that go beyond the classroom.

Ultimately, the Cuba – Family Island Exploration trip is about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s improving your dance moves or sharing a meal with a local family, every moment is an opportunity to strengthen family bonds and create stories that will be cherished for years to come.

Authentic Accommodations

Staying in casas particulares (private homes) added an authentic touch to our experience. These accommodations provide a genuine immersion into Cuban culture, allowing travelers to connect with local hosts and gain firsthand insights into daily life on the island. The welcoming atmosphere of these private homes fosters a sense of community and hospitality. This personal touch not only enhances the travel experience but also creates memorable interactions that larger hotels can’t offer. Moreover, staying in casas particulares supports local economies directly, making the trip more meaningful and impactful for both visitors and hosts.

Max and I quickly felt at home, enjoying the warmth and hospitality that the hosts provided. Unlike staying in a hotel, these private homes made us feel more like family than guests. Every evening, after Max had fallen asleep in our cozy room, I would sit on the patio and chat with the owners, leaving the door open so I could hear Max if he needed anything. This safe, homey environment was perfect for our family, creating cherished memories and connections that felt genuine and heartfelt.

Final Thoughts

Tour Old Havana, CubaTraveling with Discover Corps was an enriching and fulfilling experience. Their commitment to creating meaningful connections and supporting sustainable tourism shone through every aspect of our trip. We always felt safe and well taken care of, and the memories we made are priceless.

I would highly recommend Discover Corps for families looking to travel with purpose. It’s a fantastic way to explore new destinations, learn about different cultures, and create lasting memories with your children. Max and I can’t wait for our next adventure with Discover Corps!

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